Nix Your Knick Knacks

How to Overcome the Need for Goodie Bags

I know how important it is to you that you throw a party that everyone remembers. You want your guests to go home with happy hearts, satisfied stomachs and full hands.

Of course you do! You care about the people you love – as you should!

However, sending your guests home with goodie bags often does more harm than it does good.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve somehow compiled a drawer full of knick knacks I’ve used maybe once and refuse to throw away. Or, they go straight to the trash when my child isn’t looking— shhhh! And, these plastics sit in landfills for a LONG time.

As a kid, it may have been temporarily euphoric to receive a couple new toys when leaving a friend’s house, but at this point, I’m attending a party for the people (and maybe the food), not for the potential of receiving a gift.

But, I know favors are a key part of many celebrations, and they may be expected of you (like at your wedding!). Instead of denying, let’s opt for more sustainable options that don’t ultimately land… in landfills. Let’s reorient our perception of party favors!

Instead of sending guests off with gifts, include a craft or activity at your party that your guests can then take home with them. More engaging, often more sustainable AND it’s something your guests will talk about and possibly implement at their own get-togethers!

Some ideas for you:

  • Bring your own canvas/cardboard/paper painting party
  • Candlemaking
  • Pots and flower seeds
  • Block print a personalized tote bag
  • Photo booth (perfect for weddings!)
  • And, our favorite, succulent bars!

Not only are all of these goodies interactive, but they don’t require a take-home bag, further leveling up your sustainability! Plus, they’re good for ALL types of celebrations. Birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, retirements or weddings! And most of these are able to be mixed and matched. Set up a photo booth AND a succulent bar. Few people will leave without participating in both, and your guests will love having creative options to choose from. However you celebrate, your friends and family will appreciate thoughtful, creative activities that help them remember the event.

By incorporating any of these activities into your celebrations, you’ll feel proud of yourself for finding a way to engage your guests. And, you can breathe easy knowing that not only will your guests likely keep the gifts, but the gifts themselves are more sustainable than the usual plastic no-fun knick knacks.

I can’t wait to see what knick-knack alternative you come up with for your next party! If you’ve run out of ideas, we’re always here to provide you with a top-notch succulent bar that never fails to bring joy to our clients.

We’d love to bring that same joy to you! (And we do all the work, so you can join the fun!)

Until then, happy creating!


We Help You Make Magic at the Holidays

We are rooted in sustainability. At Social Greenery, we aim to put a bit of green back into the world by bringing sustainable celebrations to you. We offer living, potted Christmas tree rentals for winter celebrations and succulent potting kits and bars for weddings and special events. If you’re ready to opt for sustainable solutions, we’re here to make it easy and fun!

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