Living Christmas Trees

Make the Holiday Season Come Alive!

Each year, we provide dozens of families with live, potted Christmas trees that are then picked up after the holidays and then donated to OKC Beautiful where they are distributed then planted for life! No more worrying about disposing of your cut trees or packing up the artificial tree. Order a living Christmas tree to put a bit of life back into the holiday season.

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Quality & Sustainability

When you opt for a Social Greenery tree, you get to enjoy a gorgeous, live tree in your home that gives back to the environment. So what kind of tree is it?

Leyland Cypress

Source: Arbor Day Foundation

social greenery living christmas tree

Why a Living Tree with Social Greenery?

social greenery sustainable christmas tree

Environmentally Friendly

When cut trees are thrown away, they release all of the carbon dioxide they had been purifying from the air while they were growing. Social Greenery’s living Christmas trees are planted after Christmas (thanks to OKC Beautiful!), so they continue to grow and purify the air right here in the OKC metro. Not only are the 20k trees in OKC parks gorgeous and block the sun and wind, but they sequester three million pounds of CO2 and save 44 million gallons of H2O each year.


You won’t need to worry about storing your tree year after year or finding a way to dispose of it. Our experts carefully deliver your Christmas tree to your home for no extra cost. Reserve your tree and schedule your delivery online. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to care for your tree! And once Christmas has passed, pack up your decor and place the tree outside. We’ll pick it up for you, hassle free!

social greenery christmas tree sustainability

Give Back

Once we pick up your living tree, we donate it to OKC Beautiful where they distribute the trees in Oklahoma, filling our state with lush trees and purifying our air. Not only do you get to enjoy a living tree while you celebrate the holidays, but you are also beautifying the OKC metro, and your fostered tree gets to enjoy the pleasures of having a permanent home. And who knows! Maybe you’ll drive past it sometime.

We Help You Make Magic at the Holidays

We are rooted in sustainability. At Social Greenery, we aim to put a bit of green back into the world by bringing sustainable celebrations to you. We offer living, potted Christmas tree rentals for winter celebrations and succulent potting kits and bars for weddings and special events.

How it works

Reserve Your Tree

Keep those slippers on! You don’t even need to leave home. Reserve a drop off date and we’ll bring the tree to you. Hassle-free and no assembly required.

Nurture Your Tree

Grab a cup of cocoa, turn on the holiday hits and get to decorating! It’s time to foster your living tree. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to take good care of it.

Donate Your Tree

Once Christmas is over we’ll come pick up your tree on your designated day. We’ll donate it to OKC Beautiful where they will distribute them throughout the metro area. OR you can keep your tree at home!

The Cost of a “Convenient” Christmas

Living Christmas Trees are the most sustainable option. But what happens if you go an alternate route? When trying to live more sustainably, here are some factors to consider when it comes to environmental impact and convenience.

Artificial Trees

  • Made with PVC plastic that creates hazardous waste & air pollution
  • Difficult to recycle
  • Creates approx. 88 pounds of CO2e per tree
  • Need to use at least 10 years to make environmental impact less than that of a cut tree
  • Requires storage year to year

Cut Trees

  • Requires disposal
  • Difficult to bring home
  • Dry and highly flammable
  • Composting releases methane

Social Greenery trees are delivered to your door 100% alive, cleaning the air of pollution. Pick up is hassle-free and, thanks to OKC Beautiful’s distribution, the trees are replanted in Oklahoma. Since they are regularly watered, their risk of catching on fire is low. Plus, there’s no assembly required! At the end of the day, living trees allow you to make your holiday season sustainable AND convenient. To learn more about the environmental impact of Christmas trees, visit

Join Us In Making a Difference

Planting more trees in our state does wonders for the environment. Instead of cutting a tree that then releases CO2 back into the air and sits in a landfill, our trees are fostered by YOU before being planted in our community. Therefore, we’re purifying our Oklahoma air and making the world a better place! But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Take a look at these resources to learn more about the importance of taking care of our earth.

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