Christmas (Summer) Vacation

Our business booms in the winter months. We have the pleasure of bringing you a living tree that breathes life into your home during the holidays. And we love it! But, when the season ends, many of you opt to not keep your tree, and in turn donate it to OKC Beautiful, never to be seen again.

Okay, it’s not quite that dramatic! I’ve told you about how Social Greenery trees give back to the environment in and out of your home, but, I know you might be wondering what your tree is actually doing over the summer. How is a Christmas tree giving back to the earth in this extreme heat? Where does it go? Is it really making a difference?

Well, I’ll tell you!

After we complete our round of pickups at the conclusion of the holiday season, we donate your tree to OKC Beautiful, a non-profit dedicated to beautifying Oklahoma City through environmental stewardship. (They are awesome and have a ton of volunteer opportunities – look them up!)

OKC Beautiful then distributes the trees throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area to individuals, organizations and neighborhood associations that then plant the trees, giving them a new summer home! BUT – they certainly aren’t taking a summer break. Instead, they’re working hard to support not only the beauty of Oklahoma, but also the overall health of the state.

According to the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Tree Canopy Assessment, OKC trees are:

  • Reducing atmospheric CO₂ by 205,160 tons, valued at $35 million annually
  • Removing 5,223 tons of air pollutants, valued at $77.7 million annually
  • Reducing electricity and natural gas, valued at $14.2 million annually

According to Tree Keeper – Oklahoma City, trees:

  • Save 44,554,420.11 gallons of water annually
  • Save us from 20,333.78 lbs of pollutants annually

In short, our trees are cleaning our air, saving our water, and conserving our resources. Needless to say, our trees are working HARD in the summer – and all year round! And they look great while doing it.

So, when you send your tree off to the “real world,” you can rest easy knowing that it is making an enormous difference in our environment. And, you should be proud of your contribution, allowing it to thrive in your home over the holidays.

‘Tis the season for preserving the earth!


We Help You Make Magic at the Holidays

We are rooted in sustainability. At Social Greenery, we aim to put a bit of green back into the world by bringing sustainable celebrations to you. We offer living, potted Christmas tree rentals for winter celebrations and succulent potting kits and bars for weddings and special events.

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